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About Hope Institute Burma

Hope Institute Burma (Hi Burma) aims to provide free education for CDM active Myanmar youth and students from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, in addition to training and professional development for CDM teachers. Hi Burma provides a variety of learning opportunities for children to continue their education during the political crisis. Most Hi Burma education programs are conducted online and delivered by local and international volunteers. Students are able to pursue a quality education through interactive lessons that include individual and group activities. Classes focus on students’ participation and the development of critical thinking and effective communication skills through stimulating presentations, questioning and discussions. Hi Burma conducts a series of Teacher Training sessions for CDM teachers and other individuals who are passionate about teaching. Teacher Training sessions aim to up- grade teaching in respect to: lesson planning; use of online teaching platforms; and the application of our ‘Golden Teacher Standards’. As an improved education system is fundamental to Myanmar’s social and economic development, Hi Burma aims to provide high-quality educational experiences for children, youth and teachers. In addition, we endeavour to support education programs, both technically and financially, in refugee camps and other places where internally displaced people seek safety.

Hope Institute Burma exists to provide free education through online classes, homeschooling programs and teacher training sessions for CDM students and teachers, that will enable them to flourish as citizens of a fair, democratic society and make a significant contribution to the education of the present and future generations.


OUR Mission

Our mission is to promote and upgrade learning and teaching in 21st- century Myanmar, so that current and future generations can thrive physically and intellectually in a society committed to the restoration of democracy.